Areas of Expertise

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  • Profiling CNC
  • Bending CNC
  • Rolling CNC
  • Guillotining
  • Band sawing
  • Machining CNC
  • Pressing, blanking, cropping & punching
  • Welding: SMAW (stick), GMAW (MIG), GTAW (TIG), STT (Surface tension transfer root welding). P&O is qualified for several welding procedures and employs coded welders to provide for statutory inspections where required, making use of a third party inspection authority and providing formal material and inspection certificates.
  • STT: This revolutionary new welding process developed by LINCOLN for open root pass welding produces consistent X-ray quality welds. Advantages are:
    – low heat input
    – superior penetration and complete fusion
    – faster than TIG and easier to operate
    – less spatter and smoke
    – complete back bead with perfect edge fusion, requiring no back grinding and back welding
    –  low hydrogen weld improves crack resistance
    – suitable for mild and high strength steels, stainless steels and related alloys
    – Fabrication: Including heavy and complicated fabrications, large bore pipe sections, lobster back bends, pipe flanges.
  • CAD and CNC technology allows for accurate development and fabrications.
  • Mechanical engineering: 3D design, CAD CAM, machine design & development, engineering problem solving (mechanical engineer with GCC and 43 years experience)
  • Delivery: When the completed product falls within the capacity of our own transport we deliver free of charge within a 100 kilometre radius. Where required delivery cost will be stipulated in the quotation.

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