Sugar Industry

P & O FABRICATIONS are able to provide local sugar mills with a cost effective option for the refurbishment of cane knife rotors, shredder rotors and kicker rotors. P & O Fabrications manufacture various profiled and machined components for this equipment.

Recently P & O Fabrications have been involved in the refurbishing of a complete shredder kicker rotor and the manufacturing of a new 15m long kicker for a cane carrier.

We manufacture and supply
Diffuser bed screws
Sprockets and hubs for chain conveyors
Conveyor slats
Runners and wear strips for cane carriers and conveyors
Cane knives and cane knife palms
Shredder hammers
Wash boards
Mill roll flanges
Crystallizer shafts and paddles
Large bore fabricated pipes, lobster back bends and flanges for V1 steam lines
Profiled, rolled and welded steel sections for clear juice tanks, seed tanks, syrup tanks and sugar pans and evaporators
Bearing housings, spindle assemblies, basket hubs for continuous centrifuges
Refurbishment of continuous centrifuge monitor housings

Services offered
Steel profile cutting
CNC machining
Plate rolling

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